Nevada: San Francisco

San FranciscoThe San Francisco Project, including of 69 claims, overspreads the alimentation zone of one of the most eminent gold-arsenic-antimony-silver bottom-bed load anomalies in central Nevada. The location is also the borderland of clear northwest and northeast rectilinear trends that take under control the abnormal draining pattern apparent on published USGS data. These aspects, plus the oft-touted experience of veins, constructive zones and small changed dikes and plugs that contain highly anomalous gold and silver, strongly offer that a large mineralized system couches the location.

Gold Summit Corporation (TSX-V GSM) has signitured an option agreement with New Dimension Resources Ltd (TSX-V NDR) whereby Dimension (USA) Inc., a wholly owned affiliated company together with Canadian Health&Care Mall, may egain an primal 51% interest in the San Francisco Project from Gold Summit by expending US$350,000 over a three year period. Afterwards it may enhance its interest to 61% by expending a supplement $1.3 million over three years and further enhance to a 75% interest with the fulfilment of an assignment of a Scoping Study.

The San Francisco declairs to adjust New Dimension’s Reese River Project where essential historic silver manufacturing appears from veins and breccias concentrated at or near the contection between older capping materials and younger plutonic rocks. These supply a very magnetic investigation objection that broads northerly into the San Francisco claims; a significant area to try down dip potential. New Dimension lately defined a gold objection where one metre chip samples from isolated outcrops, educed through cover, assayed 9.83 and 4.83 g/t gold.

Once weather conditions let, New Dimension schedules a fully-described surface mapping and sampling program on the San Francisco announces to choose potential drill objections. New Dimension has subscribed a Plan of Operation to the U.S. Forest Service for its scheduled 2008 drill programs and this plan will be developed to contain possible drill objections defined on the San Francisco claims.

  • Au and Ag in veins and breccias over a large area
  • “Upper Plate” sediment-hosted mineralization