Canadian Health&Care Mall about Methods to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

Many men after 40 – 45 years face erectile dysfunction violations. It is heavy to avoid this problem, but it is possible to delay it as much as possible. For this purpose there is a number of folk remedies. The most effective remedies are:

  • vitamins. Try to eat properly your organism to receive all vitamins;
  • fresh air. As often as possible get out from indoors to fresh air, make daily foot walks;
  • include in the diet: nuts, chocolate, yolks of eggs, crests of roosters, honey, carrots.

Except food you can do procedure for improvement of blood circulation in all organism. For this purpose wrap 500 g of ice in the gauze put in 8 layers and then you hold this sheaf at the brain basis, then shift it to the area of heart, to edges, and only then apply it to scrotum. Each of these applyings has to be no more than 1 minute. This method restores sexual function at the man.

sexual weakness

In case you have a strong stage of sexual weakness, then not to do you without steam baths. Visit it at least 2 times a week. You come into a steam room for 10 minutes 2 – 3 times. It is an obvious fact that traditional methods are effective but not reliable that’s why it is better to command the service of Canadian HealthCare Mall where you will find such remedies efficient at erectile dysfunction treatment.

Except national methods you can buy generic Levitra or Viagra, Cialis. You shouldn’t rush on all these drugs at once, it is enough to choose one of them and at intimate proximity to use 3 – 4 times a month on 1 tablet. So you will be able to strengthen the erection diversely that will give to bigger confidence in treatment of sexual weakness (erectile dysfunction) and to satisfy wholly the partner. Levitra, Viagra and Cialis are favourably sold by Canadian HealthCare Mall to improve your erection considerably.

The so-called exercises of Kegel are effective as well which can be carried out anywhere. They will help to get rid of stagnation developments in the field of scrotum. Their essence is that you strain bosom – a coccygeal muscle, that muscle which detains an urine stream during an urination. The best time for training is before or after sleeping when the maximum concentration of reduction is observed. For the best effect change intensity of compression and its duration.

Also, don’t forget to do yourself self-massage. For example, you within 1 minute mass the pubic sheaf which is at edge of pubic bone. After that begin to squeeze testicles. The number of compression is limited to your age.

It is necessary to remember that only the integrated approach to a problem will be able to help you to solve a problem for long time!