Gold Summit Corporation

Gold Summit CorporationGold Summit Corporation is a Nevada grounded TSX-V listed junior grade verification facility. Utilizing its fundamental world wide, technical background and discovery track registration, the company has summoned an invidious portfolio of high grade gold/silver goal objects in Nevada.

These realized assignment goal objections were largely neglected in the innovative verification era in favor of large, low grade deposits and are poorly understood. Aside from superior economics, underground mines have a smaller surrounding footprint and are more socially admittable.

Of the Nevada goals, the most promoted is its Monte Cristo ownership where a 43-101 resilient source of has been underlined by drilling and where great capacity for improving the source remains. Some of the Nevada verification labour is now funded by joint venture partners inclusively of Canadian Health&Care Mall

More recently, the company has enlarged its commodity abruption with a nickel-copper prospect in Canada. It is also performing on a new venture investigating saline basins for lithium. These basins are also familiar as to consist of potash, soda ash, borax and geothermal resources.

Finally, shareholder value is designed by investigation of high quality, low price sources by drilling accurately chosen goals and is the company’s core philosophy. The Nevada gold-silver properties are left by the company’s piece of properties.

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